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KOYA Modulbau GmbH at the Heim und Handwerk trade fair

Innovatives KOYA Gartenbüro von KOYA Modulbau begeistert Besucher auf der Messe Heim und Handwerk München,12.2022

At this year's Heim und Handwerk trade fair, KOYA Modulbau presented itself as an innovative provider of modular building concepts with an impressive highlight: a completely autonomous garden office that not only embodies functional elegance thanks to its own solar power supply and unique façade design, but also sets the highest aesthetic standards.

The KOYA Garden Office, which was in the spotlight at the show, represents a pioneering solution for modern work environments in one's own garden. With a focus on sustainability and design aesthetics, KOYA Modular Construction is setting new standards in the architecture and construction industry. The garden office seamlessly combines practical functionality with timeless design, allowing its users to work in an inspiring environment.

What makes the KOYA Garden Office special is its autonomous mode of operation. Thanks to its own solar power supply, the office is independent of the conventional power grid and offers its users the opportunity to work in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manner. The intelligent integration of solar energy ensures a sustainable energy source that is in perfect harmony with the concept of the garden office.

In addition to its technical innovation, the KOYA Garden Office impresses with its unique facade design. The clear design language and high-quality materials create an aesthetic unit that embodies timeless elegance and modernity. Every detail of the façade has been designed with the utmost care to allow for harmonious integration into various environments.

"We are proud to present the KOYA Garden Office at the Heim und Handwerk trade fair. Our goal was to create a working environment that addresses the needs of modern workers while combining sustainability and design. The positive feedback and enthusiasm of the visitors confirm us in our pursuit of innovation and quality," said Sebastian Koch, GF of KOYA Modulbau.

The Heim und Handwerk trade fair offered visitors an exclusive opportunity to experience the KOYA Garden Office up close and be convinced by its unique features. With this groundbreaking innovation, KOYA Modulbau sets new standards for future-oriented workspaces and reaffirms its position as an innovative provider of modular buildings.

About KOYA Modulbau: KOYA Modulbau is a leading provider of innovative modular building concepts that combine sustainability, design and functionality. With a team of experienced architects and engineers, the company strives to create groundbreaking solutions for modern living and working spaces.


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