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Your very private home office cube

KOYA Garden House Office is a room module with unique design designed for you by architects.

The Office Cube offers not only high-quality building materials but also an elegant look made of metal and glass.

The design line impresses with softly rounded corners and flush-embedded facades that make the building blend into a "whole".

You can freely place the module in your garden, on free parking lots, terraces or other areas.


Having a home office in your backyard or on your own property offers you significant advantages.

Be it the short way to work, completely without traffic jams and nerve-racking traffic congestion

or just the lunch break you want to spend together with your family.

Anoffice garden house can be used all year round and gives you the opportunity to design your workplace and thus your working environment as you wish. We offer a wide range of external and internal design options.

The main advantage of such an office cube is that you have a retreat outside your home or office, where you can work undisturbed and concentrated. 


In addition to many financial benefits such as tax savings or even tenant savings, a garden house office is extremely sustainable. KOYA garden houses are manufactured according to your wishes in Germany and transported to you only once. Instead of a long way to work, which is usually associated with high CO2 emissions, you walk in the morning 100% climate neutral to your new design garden house office.








Learn all about the garden office

garden house-cube-design.jpg




The KOYA garden house is available in different sizes

In order to ideally tailor the space in your home office to your needs, we offer the KOYA garden shed office in different sizes and shapes. With our offer, the floor plan of each individual garden house office can be freely designed according to your space needs. 



In square form you can get the KOYA® Office System in the sizes

2,48 x 2,48 m 



In rectangular shape you can get the KOYA® Office System in the sizes

2,48 x 5,0 m



If you do not find what you are looking for in our standard sizes, we can also offer individual custom manufacturing







Design the facade of your garden shed office

KOYA design garden house office is available not only in different sizes, but also with different facade elements.


Would you like to design your Office Cube with windows, doors, fixed glazing or fixed wall elements? We have a suitable solution for every design wish and every area of application. 

Only insulated elements are used for the garden office, so that year-round use in winter as well as in summer is possible. (triple glazing for windows and doors, 70mm PU insulation for walls).

All KOYA design facades are completely flush with the outer skin. There is no offset from the outside due to window or door frames. Wall elements are also 100% flush integrated into the overall system. This gives the garden office an architecturally appealing and unique design.


Panorama window

with a full panoramic fixed glazing you can enjoy the view outside. Here, too, a high insulating effect is ensured by multiple glazing.

garden house-office-double-door.jpg

Double window

With a high-quality double window, one side of the room can be opened wide and allows to connect the interior with the exterior in the summer.

garden house-office-window.jpg


Your garden house can be equipped with outward opening windows in different sizes. A 2-fold / 3-fold glazing provides appropriate thermal insulation

garden house-office-door.jpg


To enter your garden shed office at the desired location or leave choose a door element that opens to the outside for space reasons.


Lighting strip

A strip light at the top of the home office helps keep one side of the room closed while still providing enough light.

garden house-office-wall.jpg

Wall element

Fully insulated wall elements can be used to create areas that are not visible from the outside and are finished with a high-quality metal surface.






Choose a roof structure for your Office Cube

The design of the Office Cube roof structure is an essential part of the facade and offers innovative possibilities.

With the help of glazed openings in the ceiling, the interior can create wonderful lighting conditions from above. 

In a bospecial version of the garden office, the roof can even be equipped with a folding sleeping roof. According to current findings, so-called "power naps" or short rest periods are beneficial for productivity at the workplace. With the KOYA Office Cube we offer the possibility to combine both in a small space.


Skylight round

Roof windows in a round shape give the module a distinctive look and give a special feeling of space.


Roof window angular

At KOYA you can get square roof windows integrated into the roof, openable or fixed


Sleeping roof

With the unique KOYA sleeping roof you create another room above the home office where you can recharge your batteries.






For the interior of your KOYA garden house office you can choose from various materials

A space that belongs only to you, which you design and furnish as you wish. The interior of the garden office consists of floors, walls and ceilings that can be customized using our collection.


Would you rather have a light look in the interior with light tones and white walls, or would you prefer a hearty dark wood with, for example, anthracite wall panels? Create your environment according to their taste!




Real wood oak parquet available in light and dark.



Natural fiber reinforced flooring in various colors.




We offer severaltiles of porcelain stoneware with special patterns.




Special floors such as planks, natural stone, tropical woods, carpet, etc. on request.

Wall / Ceiling

garden house-buero-wall-white.jpg


Classic wall paint look available in different colors.



Acoustic panel with felt covering available in various colors - also suitable for pin needles.

garden house-buero-wood-wall.jpg


For the KOYA Garden house Office you can also get real wood walls


Metal wall

Magnetic and writable with water soluble marker  






Design your garden house Office with different colors and materials

The exterior design of the KOYA garden house can be made in different colors and materials 

The outer skin of the office building consists of a metal cladding of aluminum sheets. These can be executed with different surface coatings according to your wishes and have a significant influence on the appearance of your individual garden house office.

The garden house Homeoffice is available in your desired color according to the KOYA color palette, as well as in chromated glossy look, in stainless steel or brushed aluminum. Talk to us about your ideas!



Design the facade of KOYA With bold colors in glossy look




Colored look in matte provides a velvety, uniform surface.


Stainless steel

The absolute luxury in the outdoor area - glossy and brushed 

(Only available on request)



E.g. Chrome optics is an absolute eye-catcher and provides a strong reflection of the environment.

Kumo detail-1.jpg






Equip your garden office with valuable accessories

So that with you can use your garden house home office without restrictions, we use of course only the latest technology. For this we equip your personalized building with the crucial extras. On request we install heating, air conditioning, sockets in the floor and walls, telephone connection etc. 

For those who place particular value on a sophisticated lighting concept, the KOYA Office Cube is available either with indirect ceiling lighting or with simple power outlets for their own lighting installations and light sources.

garden house-office-heating.jpg


By means of a convector heater built into the wall or floor, the garden house office can be used even in the colder seasons.



Sockets & Switches

Any number of sockets and light switches with and without dimmer can be installed in the wall...


Air conditioner

On hot summer days, the support of air conditioning can keep their workplace at a comfortable room temperature.


Sockets floor

Floor sockets are often installed in office rooms. These are available on request.

garden house-office-lighting.jpg


With appropriate wall or ceiling outlets, you can determine the light sources in your office. Lighting with ceiling tracks can also be implemented.


Smart Home

Conveniently control the features of your garden office via a smart home display or app.


The advantages of the system at a glance

garden house-office-design.jpg






Why we are the first choice for your Office Cube

✓unique design
✓ individual sizes
✓ Plug & Play
✓ high-quality materials
✓ Modular
✓ No setup necessary
✓ Made in Germany
✓ serious advice
✓ individual design
✓ 3D visualization
✓ Planning services
✓ Tax advantages





  • Do I need a building permit for a garden shed office?
    A building permit is not mandatory. Essentially, the local regulations must be observed. These vary greatly from state to state. We are happy to support you with our planning office in obtaining the building permit. Contact us! We will find a solution.
  • How much does a KOYA garden shed office cost?
    The prices for a KOYA home office vary depending on the desired size, facade design and the wide range of accessories. In our detailed price list with pictures and explanations you will get exact information about our exclusive products. Contact our customer service and inquire directly here!
  • Is there any assistance in scheduling a garden shed office?
    If you are not sure how and where to place your garden cube home office, you can always contact our planning team. Our placement department will be happy to assist you with the correct placement of your garden cube and clarify with you all requirements regarding the ground, fastening, etc. Also a visualization on the basis of a photo or a 3D representation can be very helpful for a better idea of the project. We support you where we can! just contact us here
  • Can I customize KOYA Office?
    Yes, you can design and configure your own personal Office Garden House within our range. If you do not find what you are looking for in our program, we can discuss your individual wishes together with our special department: These could be: -Special areas of use or requirements -Commercial use -Special sizes outside the KOYA program -Addition of several modules -Individual planning and visualization -Special facade and opening elements -Special colors or materials Together we will find the right solution for your needs.
  • How is the KOYA Garden Office built?
    KOYA Office Cubes are "Plug & Play" and are completely prefabricated in production. The finished modules are delivered as a whole via freight forwarding. For the assembly, only a truck-mounted crane is needed to place the garden house home offices in the desired location. The assembly and placement of the modules is supervised by a KOYA assembly team upon request.
  • How to make the foundation for a KOYA Garden House Office?
    KOYA should ideally be firmly connected to the ground. The best way to fix the module is to use small concrete bases at the corners of the KOYA. For this purpose, the room module has provided small adjustable feet with holes. Alternatively, prefabricated concrete slabs or a concrete floor can be used as a base. You will receive from us detailed instructions for the execution of the foundations. The dimensions of the foundations strongly depend on the size of the ordered room module and therefore vary for the different models. In order to save costs, the foundations are ideally implemented by a GALA construction company (gardening and landscaping) in your vicinity. After delivery, the adjustable feet are then connected to the foundation by means of concrete anchors.
  • How is the power connection made?
    The Office Cube requires a 230V connection. The connection is laid by an electrician with an underground cable to the desired installation site. The cable for the power connection is located on delivery, open, on the underside of the garden house. For legal reasons, the connection of the connection or the connection to the power source may only be made by a certified electrician. Upon delivery of your garden home office, the electrician will establish the power supply with a waterproof plug. Then your Office Cube is fully ready for use.
  • How is the Office KOYA transported?
    The transport of your individual garden office is carried out by a forwarding company we trust. KOYA is prefabricated in the factory and delivered fully assembled. Complete transport of the finished product means less stress for you on site with a tedious assembly, which is usually necessary with other manufacturers and takes a lot of time in addition to the cost.
  • What are the delivery times for a KOYA Office Cube
    KOYA is a product that is manufactured individually for you according to your wishes. The current delivery times are seasonal and will be communicated to you in writing together with our offer. You can usually get a first estimate already in a conversation with our sales team.
  • Is a garden shed office tax deductible?
    In principle, a garden office is easier to deduct for tax purposes than a home office in a private household, as the question of use never arises with an external home office. In the case of a garden office, all costs from the purchase to the maintenance and the operating costs can normally be claimed against tax. Annoying questions of the tax office regarding the exclusive use or the actual working time spent in the office are completely eliminated. What to consider when using a Gratenoffice for tax deductions: -The garden shed office should be detached if possible and not connected to the house. -Use exclusively as a home office - No garden shed, no garden tools, etc. -The year-round usability by means of thermal insulation should be given. - The equipment of the garden office should correspond to a Arbeitsplat, at which can be worked all year round.

Plan your garden and sauna house with us now 

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