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outdoor sauna design
garden sauna design modern flat roof
outdoor sauna design


The modern outdoor garden saunana with flat roof

A perfect place full of strength and tranquillity to harmonize body and mind. An oasis of well-being and relaxation with the scent of forest and wood. A space where minimalism becomes pure luxury. With the KOYA garden sauna, we have succeeded in stylishly combining the perfect design of a modern outdoor sauna with the highest standards of quality in one product. The shape of the outdoor sauna house was chosen by the architects and product developers in such a way that it appears angular and cubist on the one hand, but soft and pleasing on the other. The high design standard is particularly emphasized by the fact that the garden sauna cube forms a flush unit from the outside and the façade details are cleverly solved. The KOYA design outdoor sauna is available in several sizes. The side walls of the outdoor sauna can be designed either in transparent glass or as opaque wall elements. The top of the garden sauna is formed by a flat roof that drains internally. The colors and materials of the exterior façade can be individually adapted to your needs, so that each sauna house is unmistakably unique. Metals such as aluminum or stainless steel are used for the cladding. For the interior of the KOYA Sauna Cube, we use the highest quality woodworking from Hemlock fir wood for wall and ceiling cladding and Abachi wood for the benches. Depending on requirements and room volume, the system is equipped with a unique designer sauna heater with the appropriate heat output. The modern KOYA garden sauna is manufactured 100% in Germany and transported to you as a whole after completion. The outdoor sauna can be installed on surfaces in the garden, on terraces or patios, on all gravel, stone or wooden surfaces. So that you can enjoy your sauna dream straight away, it is assembled using a mobile crane - quickly and easily! Immerse yourself in the KOYA sauna world!

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The KOYA garden sow is of such high qualityna aconstructed



Choose the right KOYA outdoor sauna

A garden sauna fulfills a variety of needs. Is it used more as a solitary retreat to escape from everyday life and recharge your batteries or does the outdoor sauna form the center of the community with friends and family. The Sauna Cube is available in several sizes to meet the different requirements for use and space requirements. Your personal designer outdoor sauna can be designed as a square sauna house with an entrance door, windows, fixed glazing or corner glazing. If more space is required, the garden sauna can also be produced as a rectangular module with an anteroom that can be used as a changing room or relaxation area, for example. Our team will be happy to advise you in detail on which sauna size is particularly suitable and feasible for you.



The KOYA sauna house is available in a square shape in the sizes 2.5 x 2.5m and in
3 x 3m available.



The outdoor sauna can be manufactured in rectangular form in 2.5 x 5.0 m and 3.0 x 6.0 m.



No sauna size fits your sauna project? We are happy to produce special sizes for you at capacity.









Create the look of your designer sauna house

The façade design of a modern sauna house has a strong influence on the external perception of the building as well as the well-being inside. Would you prefer an open, transparent garden sauna that allows views and insights or would you prefer a sheltered place where you can be on your own? Thanks to a carefully selected range of panoramic windows, doors and non-transparent walls, KOYA sauna modules can be individually adapted to your requirements and wishes. The exclusive design of the sauna façades is particularly noteworthy. Here, our product designers and architects have developed a system that is completely flush with the outside of the metal façade of the sauna cube. In detail, this means that the frames of the window and door elements are completely concealed by glass and open outwards so as not to lose any space in the interior. The wall elements of the garden sauna are also embedded 100% flush into the outer skin. This gives the building a very uniform and complete appearance. This innovative solution is absolutely unique in the outdoor sauna sector and is sure to attract attention. The opaque wall elements of the sauna are made of 50-70 mm solid wood, which are clad on the outside with a metal façade made of aluminum or stainless steel to create the modern look. For good insulation, the windows and doors are fitted with double or triple glazing. This means that the energy loss of the outdoor sauna is low even in the cold seasons when heating and the temperature in the room can be kept constant.

exterior sauna windows


For the design of the sauna house we offer window elements in different sizes. (2-fold and 3-fold glazing possible on request). 

outdoor sauna light band

Lighting strip

A garden sauna with a light band has the advantage that enough light and brightness streams the interior, without giving private views of the structure.

exterior sauna door


A KOYA garden sauna is available with a transparent glass door or a door with a metal panel on the outside. (Multiple glazing possible!)

outdoor sauna wall


To close the sides of the Sauna Cube, we use high-quality solid wood wall elements made of hemlock, which are covered with metal from the outside.

exterior sauna panorama window

Panorama window

A large panoramic window connects the inside of the sauna with the outside, making you a part of the surroundings and nature. (In double & triple glass version)



Do you have special requirements for your outdoor sauna façade? Would you like a wood or stone look, for example? We will discuss your ideas with you.






Choose a roof structure for your modern garden sauna

Even though the KOYA garden sauna is already an absolute eye-catcher with its flat roof - in the standard version - there are still options to further enhance the spatial experience inside the sauna cube. By installing skylights with round or square shapes, additional daylight can stream into the sauna room via the ceiling during the darker seasons. This makes the room appear bright and friendly even in shady locations. It is also a very special spectacle to lie in the sauna and watch the sky and clouds pass by. A view into the distance that gives you inner peace and strength. At night, the picture is even more beautiful for the sauna user and you can even gaze at the starry sky during your sauna session. An unforgettable experience that fills the room with excitement and energy.

outdoor sauna skylight corner

Roof window angular

With a square or rectangular skylight, the design language of the KOYA sauna house is ideally supported.

outdoor sauna skylight round

Skylight round

Round skylights give the outdoor sauna a modern and playful character. Enjoy the starry sky at night!



Of course, special solutions are also possible for the roof design. Panoramic roof / monopitch roof on request. (Only with production capacity)








The KOYA designDesign your own sauna house

Would you like to give the interior of your garden sauna a special atmosphere with a certain style? Perhaps you already have an idea of how the seating and lounging areas of your sauna house should be arranged so that you can relax as much as possible alone or with friends and family? By choosing the right materials for the floor, ceiling, walls and sauna benches, you can create a special atmosphere. Would you prefer a modern interior for your sauna house or do you prefer a traditional chalet or cabin character? Should the interior of your outdoor sauna be characterized by light, fresh-looking woods or by dark, elegant wood? We offer you a carefully selected range of floor coverings, wall and ceiling cladding made from the highest quality natural materials so that you can create your own personal sauna room. Only the best woods from abachi, hemlock and spruce are used for the interior of the KOYA outdoor sauna. With sauna wood, it is particularly important that the material is uniform, resistant and stable. In addition, the aforementioned sauna woods have low thermal conductivity and create a pleasant atmosphere with their warm colors. Only renewable wood species from sustainable forestry, preferably from regions such as Europe and Canada, are used for the construction of your garden saunas. Tropical woods are not used for nature conservation reasons.



Wooden floor

The sauna floor can be covered with floor coverings made of robust and resistant sauna woods.



With a tiled floor made of ceramic tiles, your sauna is easy to clean. The tiles are available in different colors.


Natural stone

Structured natural stone tiles in various types of stone are probably the highest quality flooring solution.



As a KOYA design sauna meets special requirements, it can also have special flooring such as mosaic.

Wall / Ceiling



The KOYA sauna wall with horizontal slats gives the interior a modern look. Woods in hemlock, abachi, spruce, ash, pine, etc.



By using milled small or large grids, you create a modern wood tile look. (Woods as for the lamella optics).


Waste wood

For the KOYA Garden sauna you can also get textured reclaimed wood walls and ceilings made of brushed or flamed precious woods.



Do you have special ideas about how your sauna interior walls should be lined? We will find the solution you want!



Bench straight

Like the sauna walls, the sauna ceiling can also be fitted with different types of wood and provided with horizontal lines.


Corner bench

If the grid pattern of the sauna walls is continued on the ceiling, the result is a uniform, modern overall look.



A ceiling in reclaimed wood provides a cozy warm chalet charaker. Choose from different treated woods and looks.



You have not found what you are looking for in our interior range? Surely there is a solution for your needs. Talk to us about your idea.

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The outdoor sauna Cube is available in special material

The design of the KOYA outdoor sauna aims to attract special attention with its clear lines and uniform shapes. The external appearance of the garden sauna cube is influenced in particular by the choice of facades and materials. In terms of construction, the outer skin of the sauna house consists of an attractive, metallic cladding that can be customized. For example, it is possible to obtain metals such as aluminum or stainless steel with a brushed, satin or glossy finish. The colors of the sauna cladding can also be selected from a range of colors. Special effects can be achieved if the entire sauna house is produced in a chrome or mirror look. Imagine how discreetly a building blends into nature when the surroundings are largely reflected in the façade. Talk to us about your ideas!



With a smooth surface lacquer finish, you can give your sauna cube an elegant shine and exciting reflections in many colors.



Silk matt lacquers soften reflections in the sauna surface and create a balanced image.

outdoor sauna-metal-stainless-steel-glazing


With a chrome-plated surface treatment, nature blends into the surroundings of the sauna house through reflection. (On request)

garden sauna stainless steel brushed

Stainless steel

An outdoor sauna with stainless steel cladding is visually and technically particularly high-quality and durable. (On request)






Valuable accessories for the modern garden sauna

The KOYA garden sauna lives not only from its extravagant design, but also from its extraordinary functions and technically sophisticated detailed solutions. When equipping the outdoor sauna, particular emphasis is therefore placed on the quality of the accessories used in production. By using an EOS Mythos sauna heater, for example, the cubist design language of the sauna house is taken up and this is also reflected in the interior. A high-quality sauna is designed for absolute relaxation and must therefore be easy and stress-free to operate. With a high-end sauna control system, we guarantee you maximum reliability and convenience. For optimum scheduling of your sauna session, remote access is also possible via an app control. In addition to a sauna heater, the garden sauna can also be equipped with infrared heaters. The infrared heat penetrates deep into the skin and muscles and has a particularly relaxing effect on the body. If you opt for a modern sauna with infrared heaters, the systems are integrated flush into the sauna walls. For the KOYA relaxation experience to be perfect, as many senses as possible should be stimulated. For this reason, we offer you a specially developed lighting concept with warm white or colored light. We only use indirect lighting, as this creates a special experience with atmosphere. With the help of integrated loudspeakers, relaxation music can be played from a mobile device via Bluetooth, for example. This creates a special atmosphere in the interior and helps you to let go of even the last bit of tension! As perfection lies in the detail, your KOYA garden sauna also comes with valuable design accessories such as a climate meter, sauna thermometer, hourglass, matching wooden bucket with ladle, high-quality head and neck rests and much more. Discover the many possibilities!


Sauna heater

The EOS sauna heater Mythos impresses with its design and is available in different heating capacities depending on the room size. (from 7.5 to 15 KW)


Infrared radiator

In addition to the sauna function, we install additional infrared radiators to generate soothing deep heat and muscle relaxation. (300 - 750 watts per radiator)



By using a professionally installed

sauna control, we guarantee the highest comfort in operability. (also possible via app control)



The KOYA lighting package allows you to create any mood in the room in color or with warm white tones.


Measuring devices

With the help of measuring devices such as a thermometer

or an hourglass, you are always informed about the current temperature, climate and length of stay in your sauna. 



Speakers integrated into the wall and ceiling can be controlled via Bluetooth using a mobile device and provide sounds of relaxation.



You would like to equip your sauna with a special heater or other products? We will find the best solution together!



Of course, you can also get accessories for your sauna that match the design, such as buckets with ladles, hooks, neck rests, coat racks, hooks and much more.


The advantages of the KOYA garden sauna








Why we are the best choice for your outdoor sauna

✓unique design
✓ individual sizes
✓ serious advice
✓ high-quality materials
✓ Modular
✓ No setup necessary
✓ highest quality
✓ Made in Germany
✓ individual design
✓ 3D visualization
✓ Planning services
✓ Plug & Play





  • Benötige ich für ein Gartenhaus Büro eine Baugenehmigung?
    Planning permission is not mandatory. Essentially, the local regulations must be observed. These vary greatly from state to state. Our planning office will be happy to assist you in obtaining planning permission. Get in touch with us! We will find a solution.
  • How much does a KOYA garden shed office cost?
    The prices for a KOYA home office vary depending on the desired size, facade design and the wide range of accessories. In our detailed price list with pictures and explanations you will get exact information about our exclusive products. Contact our customer service and inquire directly here!
  • Is support available for planning a garden shed office?
    If you are not sure how and where to place your garden shed home office, you can contact our planning team at any time. Our planning department will be happy to assist you with the correct placement of your garden cube and clarify all requirements with you regarding the ground, fastening, etc. A visualization based on a photo or a 3D representation can also be very helpful for a better idea of the project. We support you wherever we can! Simply contact us here
  • Can I customize KOYA Office?
    Yes, you can design and configure your own personal office garden shed within our range. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our range, we can discuss your individual requirements with our special department: These could be: -Special areas of use or requirements -Commercial use -Special sizes outside the KOYA range -Addition of several modules -Individual planning and visualization -Special façade and opening elements -Special colors or materials Together we will find the right solution for your needs.
  • How is the KOYA Garden Office built?
    KOYA Office Cubes are "Plug & Play" and are completely prefabricated in production. The finished modules are delivered as a whole via freight forwarding. For the assembly, only a truck-mounted crane is needed to place the garden house home offices in the desired location. The assembly and placement of the modules is supervised by a KOYA assembly team upon request.
  • How to make the foundation for a KOYA Garden House Office?
    Ideally, a KOYA should be firmly attached to the ground. The module is best secured using small concrete bases at the corners of the KOYA. The room module has small adjustable feet with holes for this purpose. Alternatively, prefabricated concrete slabs or a concrete floor can be used as a base. We will provide you with precise instructions for laying the foundations. The dimensions of the foundations depend heavily on the size of the room module ordered and therefore vary for the different models. To save costs, the foundations should ideally be installed by a GALA-Bau company (gardening and landscaping) in your local area. After delivery, the adjustable feet are then connected to the foundations using concrete anchors.
  • How is the power connection made?
    The Office Cube requires a 230V connection. The connection is laid by an electrician with an underground cable to the desired installation location. The cable for the power connection is exposed on the underside of the garden shed on delivery. For legal reasons, the connection or the connection to the power source may only be made by a certified electrician. When your garden home office is delivered, the electrician will connect the power supply using a waterproof plug. Your Office Cube is then ready for use.
  • How is the Office KOYA transported?
    The transport of your individual garden office is carried out by a forwarding company we trust. KOYA is prefabricated in the factory and delivered fully assembled. Complete transport of the finished product means less stress for you on site with a tedious assembly, which is usually necessary with other manufacturers and takes a lot of time in addition to the cost.
  • What are the delivery times for a KOYA Office Cube
    KOYA is a product that is manufactured individually for you according to your wishes. The current delivery times are seasonal and will be communicated to you in writing together with our offer. You can usually get a first estimate already in a conversation with our sales team.
  • Is a garden shed office tax deductible?
    In principle, a garden office is easier to deduct for tax purposes than a home office in a private household, as the question of use never arises with an external home office. With a garden home office, all costs, from purchase to maintenance and operating costs, can normally be claimed for tax purposes. Annoying questions from the tax office regarding the exclusive use or the actual working time spent in the office are completely eliminated. What should be considered when using a garden office for tax deduction purposes? -The garden office should be free-standing if possible and not connected to the house. -Use exclusively as a home office - no garden shed, no garden tools, etc. -It should be usable all year round thanks to thermal insulation. -The equipment of the garden office should correspond to a workplace where work can be carried out all year round.
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