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The modern outdoor garden saunana with flat roof

A perfect place full of strength and tranquillity to harmonize body and mind. An oasis of well-being and relaxation with the scent of forest and wood. A space where minimalism becomes pure luxury. With the KOYA garden sauna, we have succeeded in stylishly combining the perfect design of a modern outdoor sauna with the highest standards of quality in one product. The shape of the outdoor sauna house was chosen by the architects and product developers in such a way that it appears angular and cubist on the one hand, but soft and pleasing on the other. The high design standard is particularly emphasized by the fact that the garden sauna cube forms a flush unit from the outside and the façade details are cleverly solved. The KOYA design outdoor sauna is available in several sizes. The side walls of the outdoor sauna can be designed either in transparent glass or as opaque wall elements. The top of the garden sauna is formed by a flat roof that drains internally. The colors and materials of the exterior façade can be individually adapted to your needs, so that each sauna house is unmistakably unique. Metals such as aluminum or stainless steel are used for the cladding. For the interior of the KOYA Sauna Cube, we use the highest quality woodworking from Hemlock fir wood for wall and ceiling cladding and Abachi wood for the benches. Depending on requirements and room volume, the system is equipped with a unique designer sauna heater with the appropriate heat output. The modern KOYA garden sauna is manufactured 100% in Germany and transported to you as a whole after completion. The outdoor sauna can be installed on surfaces in the garden, on terraces or patios, on all gravel, stone or wooden surfaces. So that you can enjoy your sauna dream straight away, it is assembled using a mobile crane - quickly and easily! Immerse yourself in the KOYA sauna world!


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Choose the right KOYA outdoor sauna

A garden sauna fulfills a variety of needs. Is it used more as a solitary retreat to escape from everyday life and recharge your batteries or does the outdoor sauna form the center of the community with friends and family. The Sauna Cube is available in several sizes to meet the different requirements for use and space requirements. Your personal designer outdoor sauna can be designed as a square sauna house with an entrance door, windows, fixed glazing or corner glazing. If more space is required, the garden sauna can also be produced as a rectangular module with an anteroom that can be used as a changing room or relaxation area, for example. Our team will be happy to advise you in detail on which sauna size is particularly suitable and feasible for you.