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Modern design - sustainably produced

In today's world, the demand for the use and appearance of a garden house or garden sauna has changed dramatically. More than ever before, the garden house has become a small version of the main house or the surrounding development, which should be reflected primarily in the design and architectural language. 

A KOYA garden house is an ideal living space extension and has many uses such as a garden lounge, guest house, garden office, pool house, fitness room and much more. This makes it a center for a new attitude to life, which today is also often referred to as "outdoor living". 

Our customers are demanding, have special ideas and are not satisfied with the average.

You are looking for extravagance that expresses your taste with confidence and style.


Our goal is to create exciting spaces for our clients to delight all your senses.

"A building should naturally blend into its nature, but at the same time stand out from its surroundings to ultimately be perceived as an elegant, unobtrusive object."

As a manufacturer of architectural products, we successfully produce in the KOYA-Manufaktur successfully and sustainably produce modern garden and sauna houses. We have always been guided by our passion for innovation and perfect design.

Using high-quality building materials and skillful processing, we realize our projects with pleasure. The development takes place, as well as the production, in our own house. 


Your manufacturer for modern garden houses and outdoor saunas


    Design & Development

At KOYA Modulbau GmbH we love tasteful design and

an aesthetic design language!


For this reason, we employ a creative team of designers and architects who, with great commitment and passion, develop products for the modern zeitgeist and 

make the dreams of our customers come true.


In the development of our garden house modules, we place special focus on uniform architecture. Because for our design team, minimalist forms and clear lines are what count in particular.


The simpler and more discreet the building looks to the outside, the more challenging it is to develop the right structural solution. As so often, the art lies in the detail!

Of course, all our systems meet the required construction standards and are statically calculated in detail.




With Germany as our central manufacturing base, we have many years of experience in the production sector.
We meet the highest quality standards in metal and wood processing and interior finishing of our room modules.

The productoins employees of our KOYA garden house and sauna manufactory are competent and have respect for your job.

In production, we attach great importance to a positive working atmosphere. Because only those who work with joy and passion can produce the best products.

The production processes are subject to regular inspections, from the construction of the supporting structure to the installation of the façade elements and the interior finishing. Only after the final inspection does a KOYA garden house or sauna house leave the factory premises.


     Planning & Consulting

Whoever turns to us with a garden house or outdoor sauna project will not be left alone.
First of all, you will receive competent initial advice on our products from one of our friendly sales staff.
If you are more interested, the KOYA planning team will be called in to help you plan your garden house with professional CAD drawings or visualizations, if necessary. This helps you to imagine the project better at first, but is also often required for building permits.
As soon as we have worked out your concrete ideas together, we will make you a binding offer for the realization of your individual project. Due to our many years of experience in planning and production, we know exactly what is possible and can therefore successfully realize projects.





Production means responsibility


    Natural products

Wood is an essential component of our garden house and sauna products. As wood is a natural product, we see it as our responsibility to treat this remarkable material with respect.


For this reason, we attach great importance to the fact that the wood used comes from sustainable forestry .


Wherever possible, we source certified and absolutely fairly produced wood products from European or Canadian forests.


Tropical wood from rainforests or similar is not used in our products.


    Made in Germany

We manufacture 100% in Germany!

Thus, the production is carried out according to the national manufacturing standards.

Through a conscious use of our resources, we pay attention to low power consumption with minimal waste production in the manufacture of our garden houses.


In addition, KOYA houses are high-quality and durable products that last as long as possible for decades and are not replaced by a new product after a few years.

In the future, we plan to cover all energy requirements for manufacturing exclusively with green electricity and renewable energies.


    Regional suppliers

Through close partnerships with regional suppliers, such as metalworking companies or an external wood processing plant, we consciously try to reduce CO2 emissions through short supply chains and short travel distances. 

In addition, through efficient production planning and 

appropriate warehousing of materials "just in time deliveries" for individual orders.

In addition to a positive economic effect, this also significantly improves the ecological footprint of our products.



Our KOYA Management

Sebastian Koch

Managing Director

KOYA Module construction Ltd.

Dipl. -Ing. in architecture and urban planning


Magnus Kessler

Managing Director

KOYA Module construction Ltd.

Dipl. -Ing. in architecture and urban planning


Plan your garden and sauna house with us now 

Consulting +49 (0) 81053987505
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