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Modern luxury in perfection

KOYA garden house is a space module with exceptional design, developed for aesthetic demands, while providing the user with the highest quality and comfort. 

In the design language of the product, the KOYA architects and engineers have placed particular emphasis on a cubist form that appears both angular and soft thanks to slightly rounded edges. Thanks to a metal and glass façade flush with the outside, the design garden house has a uniform appearance - as if it were made of one piece.


An integrated flat roof with internal drainage ensures that this modern garden house retains its external appearance. Slightly inwardly offset adjustable feet make the eye believe that the building is floating lightly.

The design garden house is available in several sizes and can be freely placed in your garden, terraces or other areas.

A KOYA garden house can be ideally used as a guest house, pool house or fitness room but also, for example, as a garden lounge. The system can also be designed and used as a modern vacation home and Tiny House.


The garden houses are made especially for you, with a special eye for detail, in Germany.


Delivery is made in whole and assembly is uncomplicated and performed quickly.


The luxury garden house is insulated and winterized. The exterior and interior can be freely designed according to your wishes.

We offer a wide range of options and valuable accessories, so each garden house Cube is unique.







KOYA garden house at a glance

The KOYA Cube is available in several sizes

Since KOYA® design garden houses are used in many ways, you can get the system in different sizes and shapes. By varying the product range, the floor plans and areas can be ideally adapted to the actual space requirements and the desired furnishing of the interior. Our team will be happy to consult with you to find the right size for your individually designed Garden Cube.

garden house design square.jpg


The garden house system is available in square shape in sizes

2,5 x2,5m.

garden house design rectangular.jpg


rectangular is the Kumo design garden house in sizes

2.5 x 5.0m can be realized.



Have you not found what you are looking for in our range? We are happy to manufacture special sizes on request.






Design the facade of your luxury garden house

The outer appearance of the KOYA design garden house is strongly defined by the high-quality facade elements.


Would you like your garden cube to be more open and transparent? Or do you want elements that are hidden from view at certain points? With a fine selection of openable and fixed glazed windows, doors and opaque side walls, we can customize each room module to meet the customer's individual needs.

The design facades were conceived by KOYA architects so that they are exactly in one plane with the outer skin of the garden house. Viewed from outside, there is no protrusion due to window or door frames. The same applies to the wall elements, which are also installed absolutely flush with the outer skin.


All in all, the facades, together with the metallic outer skin of the modern-looking garden house, form a uniform and harmonious overall picture.

In addition, all wall and window elements are insulated. This ensures year-round use in both winter and summer months. High-quality triple glazing with high insulation is used for windows and doors.

Wall and ceiling panels in KOYA luxury garden houses are always made with a solid 70mm insulation.


Panorama window

Panoramic fixed glazing connects the interior with the exterior and creates a modern, architecturally sophisticated look.

(in 2-fold and 3-fold glazing)

garden house design double door.jpg

Double door

By means of a solid, smooth-running double door, you elegantly connect the interior and exterior. KOYA doors are multi-glazed. (2-fold & 3-fold)

garden house design window.jpg


For the design garden house you can choose several openable window elements in different sizes. (2-fold and 3-fold glazing possible) 

garden house design door.jpg


KOYA garden house can be equipped with different door elements. (transparent with glass flush with the outside and opaque with metal trim).


Lighting strip

By means of a window-light strip, you ensure that your luxury garden house on the one hand allows light incidence and on the other hand is less visible in certain places.

garden house design wall.jpg

Wall metal

Do you want certain sides of the Garden Cube to be closed and not transparent? We recommend insulated wall elements with metallic outer cladding.

garden house-cube-modern.jpg






Configure the roof structure for your garden house Cube

Incidence of light through the roof or ceiling of the design garden house can greatly enhance the interior and the user's experience of the room. In addition, a skylight also provides additional daylight from above during the autumn and winter months. In the summer, a skylight gives you the option of venting heated, low-oxygen air and promotes fresh air and cross-ventilation within the garden room.


The flat roof of the garden house can be designed in three variants. For the KOYA system, you can get skylights with clean, harmonious lines, which are square or round. 

A very special highlight is the possible design of the garden house with an erectable sleeping roof. With this innovative KOYA product development, another room is created on the roof of the Cube within a few seconds, which can be used for resting, "power naps" or even for overnight stays.

garden house skylight-cornered.jpg

Roof window angular

Choose a roof window with a square and rectangular shape that picks up the design language of the KOYA design language.

garden house skylight-round.jpg

Skylight round

Roof windows with a round shape give the garden house a modern character and give a special experience of space.


Sleeping roof

With the unique KOYA sleeping roof you create another room above the home office where you can recharge your batteries.







The interior of the KOYA Garden house freely design

As for the interior of the design garden house, not only uses but also tastes are different.


To make you feel comfortable in the design of your personal space, we offer a sophisticated selection of floors, walls and ceilings. The aim of our offer is that you can define for yourself a look or a style that ideally suits your future use and the planned interior. 

Moods are created with different materials, surfaces and structures. Are natural materials such as wood and fabric in demand, or is a "clean" look with white walls and ceilings more preferred?


Design the interior of the garden house with your own personal touch!


garden house design parquet


Real wood parquet with different wood species and textures are available in light and dark.

garden house linoleum floor


A particularly robust, fiber-reinforced flooring made of natural materials in various colors.


garden house-ceramic-tiles.jpg


For your garden house floor offer several tiles of porcelain stoneware with special patterns and colors.


garden house wood pattern


Special flooring such as planks, natural stone, tropical woods, carpet, etc. are available upon request.

Wall / Ceiling

garden house wall white


The KOYA Standard wall in silky matte look is available in different colors.



Wall panels with felt are available in various colors and create a cozy atmosphere

garden house design wooden wall

Real wood

For the KOYA Garden house you can also get real wood walls with different structures.

garden house design wall wallpaper


Do you have special ideas how your garden house wall should look like? Talk to us about it!








Design the garden cube with colors and materials

Since the KOYA garden house is a unique design product, made specifically for each customer, customization is also possible with special materials and colors. 

The outer cladding of the high-quality garden house is made of metal and can be coated and designed with various surface treatments. Each material individually affects the external appearance of the garden house cube.

The garden house is available in the color of your choice according to the KOYA color palette, as well as in chrome look, stainless steel or brushed aluminum. Talk to us about your wishes!



Design the facade of KOYA with bold color paint glossy look




Colored lacquers in matte provide a velvety, uniform surface, with a high-quality look 

garden house-stainless-steel-glazing

Stainless steel gloss

The absolute luxury in the exterior is a shiny stainless steel facade

(Only available on request)

garden house stainless steel brushed

Stainless steel matt

With a brushed stainless steel facade, your garden house will become an elegant eye-catcher.







Valuable accessories for your modern garden house


A modern garden house requires not only a special design, but also high-quality and practical technical equipment. For this reason, we can equip your garden cube with important accessories with the help of which your KOYA becomes a full-fledged residential building that is in no way inferior to a solid house.

The product can be optionally equipped with a heater, air conditioner, built-in sockets and so on.

During the development, the designers and architects have also paid special attention to a sophisticated lighting of the room. It has been proven that a balanced lighting concept contributes significantly to the well-being and mood in a room. If desired, KOYA can be equipped either with free power outlets or with permanently installed indirect lighting.

garden house heating


With the help of a high-quality convector heater built into the wall or floor, you can use the design garden house 100% even in winter. 



Sockets wall

On request, we can install any number of sockets flush with the wall. (Sockets 1-fold, 2-fold and 3-fold)

garden house air conditioner

Air conditioner

In the hot summer months, an air conditioner in your garden shed can lower the room temperature and provide cool comfortable air.

garden house socket floor

Sockets floor

With the help of sockets integrated into the floor, devices can be connected exactly where they are needed.

garden house lighting design


Ceiling outlets are provided in order to be able to attach appropriate illuminants. In addition, ceiling and wall panels can be backlit all around.


Smart Home

Control the technology of your garden house centrally via display or via app on your smartphone.



Experience the benefits of the system







Why we are the first choice for your Office Cube

✓ unique design
✓ individual sizes
✓ Plug & Play
✓ high-quality materials
✓ Modular
✓ No setup necessary
✓ Made in Germany
✓ serious advice
✓ individual design
✓ 3D visualization
✓ Planning services
✓ Tax advantages





  • Do I need a building permit for a garden shed office?
    A building permit is not mandatory. Essentially, the local regulations must be observed. These vary greatly from state to state. We are happy to support you with our planning office in obtaining the building permit. Contact us! We will find a solution.
  • How much does a KOYA garden shed office cost?
    The prices for a KOYA home office vary depending on the desired size, facade design and the wide range of accessories. In our detailed price list with pictures and explanations you will get exact information about our exclusive products. Contact our customer service and inquire directly here!
  • Is there any assistance in scheduling a garden shed office?
    If you are not sure how and where to place your garden cube home office, you can always contact our planning team. Our placement department will be happy to assist you with the correct placement of your garden cube and clarify with you all requirements regarding the ground, fastening, etc. Also a visualization on the basis of a photo or a 3D representation can be very helpful for a better idea of the project. We support you where we can! just contact us here
  • Can I customize KOYA Office?
    Yes, you can design and configure your own personal Office Garden House within our range. If you do not find what you are looking for in our program, we can discuss your individual wishes together with our special department: These could be: -Special areas of use or requirements -Commercial use -Special sizes outside the KOYA program -Addition of several modules -Individual planning and visualization -Special facade and opening elements -Special colors or materials Together we will find the right solution for your needs.
  • How is the KOYA Garden Office built?
    KOYA Office Cubes are "Plug & Play" and are completely prefabricated in production. The finished modules are delivered as a whole via freight forwarding. For the assembly, only a truck-mounted crane is needed to place the garden house home offices in the desired location. The assembly and placement of the modules is supervised by a KOYA assembly team upon request.
  • How to make the foundation for a KOYA Garden House Office?
    KOYA should ideally be firmly connected to the ground. The best way to fix the module is to use small concrete bases at the corners of the KOYA. For this purpose, the room module has provided small adjustable feet with holes. Alternatively, prefabricated concrete slabs or a concrete floor can be used as a base. You will receive from us detailed instructions for the execution of the foundations. The dimensions of the foundations strongly depend on the size of the ordered room module and therefore vary for the different models. In order to save costs, the foundations are ideally implemented by a GALA construction company (gardening and landscaping) in your vicinity. After delivery, the adjustable feet are then connected to the foundation by means of concrete anchors.
  • How is the power connection made?
    The Office Cube requires a 230V connection. The connection is laid by an electrician with an underground cable to the desired installation site. The cable for the power connection is located on delivery, open, on the underside of the garden house. For legal reasons, the connection of the connection or the connection to the power source may only be made by a certified electrician. Upon delivery of your garden home office, the electrician will establish the power supply with a waterproof plug. Then your Office Cube is fully ready for use.
  • How is the Office KOYA transported?
    The transport of your individual garden office is carried out by a forwarding company we trust. KOYA is prefabricated in the factory and delivered fully assembled. Complete transport of the finished product means less stress for you on site with a tedious assembly, which is usually necessary with other manufacturers and takes a lot of time in addition to the cost.
  • What are the delivery times for a KOYA Office Cube
    KOYA is a product that is manufactured individually for you according to your wishes. The current delivery times are seasonal and will be communicated to you in writing together with our offer. You can usually get a first estimate already in a conversation with our sales team.
  • Is a garden shed office tax deductible?
    In principle, a garden office is easier to deduct for tax purposes than a home office in a private household, as the question of use never arises with an external home office. In the case of a garden office, all costs from the purchase to the maintenance and the operating costs can normally be claimed against tax. Annoying questions of the tax office regarding the exclusive use or the actual working time spent in the office are completely eliminated. What to consider when using a Gratenoffice for tax deductions: -The garden shed office should be detached if possible and not connected to the house. -Use exclusively as a home office - No garden shed, no garden tools, etc. -The year-round usability by means of thermal insulation should be given. - The equipment of the garden office should correspond to a Arbeitsplat, at which can be worked all year round.

Plan your garden and sauna house with us now 

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