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Developer and manufacturer of modern garden houses & garden saunas with design and quality

Our time longs for intelligent and at the same time exclusive space solutions for residential and commercial uses.


The company KOYA Modulbau from Munich develops high-quality and transport-optimized garden houses and garden saunas in different sizes for special needs and areas of application.

Our declared goal is to manufacture innovative products with consummate design and masterful quality in Germany.

As a team of architects and engineers, we are experts in the outdoor field and have many years of experience in the construction of modular houses and roofing. Through the use of high-quality building materials and their solid processing, projects are successfully implemented according to customer requirements in our sauna and garden house manufacture. Sustainability and value workmanship always play an overriding role.


With the modular construction system can be realized both modern garden houses and outdoor saunas or office cubes .

Our customers also use our unique, portable garden houses as a vacation home, Tiny House, guest house, pool house, garden lounge or even as an external gym. The possibilities are as diverse as our customers are creative.


A KOYA garden house or sauna house is individually configurable and offers many luxurious design options.

If desired, a garden house can be thermally insulated and equipped with many technical refinements, such as a heater, air conditioning, special lighting and much more. The sauna house, on the other hand, offers a wide range of fine sauna woods, sauna technology and valuable accessories, in addition to special colors and materials for the exterior.

Discover incomparable possibilities and fulfill your dream!


Mobile architecture according to your needs


A KOYA garden house impresses with unique design and outstanding quality workmanship.

The garden house is available in different lengths and widths from 2.5 - 6m and can be customized to your needs.

The possible uses for a KOYA house are many.

The modern garden house can be used all year round, is thermally insulated and has a flat roof and metal facades, which support the cubistic shape of the garden cube with its rounded edges.

A fine selection of technical accessories allows the garden house to meet almost any desire.


KOYA garden sauna is a high quality outdoor sauna system

with exclusive design. 

The modern sauna house you can get in different sizes and floor plans from 2.5 - 3m wide and 5 - 6m long. Sauna houses can be added modularly.


The exterior facade can be equipped with various elements and materials.

There are no limits to the design and equipment of the sauna room. 

Supported by the best sauna technology, you get a well-balanced manufactured product that meets the highest architectural and functional requirements.


With a KUMO Office-Cube we offer an innovative garden office with a special design and high quality.

The garden home office is available in several sizes between 2.5 - 6 meters and can be tailored to the individual needs of the customer.


By using insulated panoramic glass , window and door elements can be designed facade of the building. In addition, by means of thermal insulation, year-round use is possible.

When equipping the interior, you can influence a good working environment. Valuable technical accessories such as heating, air conditioning, lighting are just a few examples of the possibilities.


The facts at a glance

  • Sustainable architecture product

  • Sophisticated design 

  • 2 module sizes

  • Modules addable

  • Customizable

  • Insulated and energy optimized

  • high quality equipment

  • Innovative technology 

  • Developed by architects

  • Made in Germany

  • Prefabricated & delivered complete




Sophisticated manufacturing with quality

The mission of KOYA Manufacture is for people to experience absolute quality when using our systems.

The design and architecture of our products are intended to arouse fascination and admiration for the purist forms and details, and to evoke well-being and relaxation when used indoors.

We are especially proud of the sauna cubes and garden house cubes which owe their design inspiration to a classic cube.

"By definition, the perfect cube is equilateral, has smooth, uniform surfaces, and is slightly rounded at the corners."

Our development team, consisting of architects, designers and engineers, has created the KOYA garden house, a creation of minimalist design with the highest functionality and demanding quality.


Many hours of work go into the production of a KOYA garden or sauna house.

Starting with individual planning, our team enthusiastically takes on almost any challenge.

For the individual design and equipment of a modern garden cube KOYA offers a carefully selected range of goods.

In our manufactory we produce garden houses, outdoor saunas and garden offices with dedication and passion.

Out of love for the product, we process with great craftsmanship the highest quality metal and wood materials that make every project a special experience.


What's new at KOYA

Plan your garden and sauna house with us now 

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